A team-oriented environment built on a collaborative design process will allow you to be creative while responding directly to our client’s goals.

A visionary outlook towards the future will allow you to provide the leadership and design excellence required to create memorable experiences for others.

If you are an accomplished professional, or just beginning to chart your career path, and desire to be part of an entrepreneurial design firm, consider DYAMI. Our firm is built on successful people with a passion for excellence, who constantly strive to develop their skills, push the envelope, and explore new ideas.

We are currently seeking:

• Intermediate Architect with 2-5 years of experience

• Recent Graduate with 0-2 years of experience

You can submit your resume and digital samples of your work to

Our projects are a mix of hospitality, retail and corporate, and are located in multiple geographical areas, so the chances of you becoming bored are rather remote.

Our employees typically get slightly more responsibility than they can handle; which creates a pretty invigorating and exciting atmosphere. We are an office full of problem solvers and being self-motivated and a good problem solver is paramount to finding success in our office. We tend to manage our employees the way we like to be managed –tell me what needs to be done, provide the resources and knowledge when required, and let me go do it. 

The salary for each position is commensurate with ability. We have insurance benefits, 401k plan with matching employer contributions, and a performance bonus based on effort and ability.

Communication skills are really, really important in this office. We like to put our employees in front of clients and contractors and the ability to speak with clarity and intelligence is a plus.

As much as we like to go to work and design cool stuff, we try to set a corporate culture around the office that people don’t have to give up everything in order to be an architect. We strongly believe that the creative process of design and practicing architecture demands your knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a complete and fully functioning member of society.

We cover all AIA fees and dues, and if you are licensed, we pay for you to attend 1 conference a year. In addition to covering registration fees, you get time off from work to attend … this is not a “use your vacation” arrangement – nor do we expect you to make up your time.

This is a great place to work and for someone who is smart and self-motivated – if you have or develop the knowledge and skills required, you will get to do just about anything you want and you won’t be trapped in the office all the time behind your computer.

We pay well but we consider all these other benefits part of the compensation package here – that along with the fact that this is a pleasant place to spend your days.