Pera SOHO is the latest restaurant by Burack Karacam, featuring a mix of classic Turkish cuisine and modern presentation. This was the inspiration for the design intent as well: blending the warmth of classic Eastern Mediterranean textiles with the clean form of modern lines.

Located in a corporate and residential building, DYAMI handled all of the architectural and permitting requirements to convert the space from a business use to an assembly use. DYAMI worked with the New York City Business Acceleration Program to obtain all licenses and permits in approximately 3 weeks.

The new Soho location features a large outdoor dining area, designed in collaboration with LANDGARDEN, to extend the perceived size of the dining area into the exterior space.

Pera opened in December of 2011 to rave reviews by Zagat, Grub Street, Thrillist, and Metromix.

“Expect a more laid-back feel here than the original Pera Mediterranean
Brasserie, which is right by Grand Central and draws a suit-y crowd. The
new spot will boast big windows, garden seating, glass partitions that
can be arranged to create up to five private dining rooms, and another
private dining space on the roof.” – First Bite