DYAMI specializes in assisting Property Managers with both commercial and residential property improvements that are essential in maintaining the value of the owner’s investments. We are typically asked by our clients to handle a variety of maintenance and property improvement projects such as:

• Roof replacements
• Window replacements
• Facade maintenance
• Aesthetic upgrades to improve property values
• ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance
• Energy evaluations and upgrades including lighting and HVAC

We can assist you throughout the design and construction phases of the project by providing the following services so that you can focus you efforts on other day to day property activities that must be maintained while complex projects are undertaken:

• Evaluate existing conditions and establish a phased improvement plan.
• Identify specialty engineering consultants that would be able to add value to the project.
• Obtain and evaluate engineering consultant design proposals, provide background checks, and make recommendations.
• Manage any required municipal permits such as zoning, design review boards, historical boards, waterfront review, building permits, and similar.
• Obtain and evaluate contractor proposals for the construction portion of the project, and make recommendations.
• Review the progress of the work during construction for compliance with the approved drawings and specifications.
• Advise the property manager of work that is not in conformance with the approved documents and recommend a course of action.
• Review contractor progress payments to be sure that they are invoicing only for work that has actually been provided.
• Provide final punch lists, verify that all work is completed, and approve final payment of contractors.
• Assist the property manager in final project closeout activities.